Viomuse Professional Nail Acrylic Powder 3 Color x 30g with Acrylic Liquid 4 oz, Acrylic Monomer Nail Kit (color4)



Product Description

acrylic powder set viomuseacrylic powder set viomuse

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Viomuse Classic Acrylic Powder Kit Contains Almost Things You Need

polymer powder kitpolymer powder kit


3 Acrylic Powder 30g / 1oz – WHITE, PINK, CLEAR
1 Liquid Monomer 120ml
1 Acrylic Nail Art Brush #10
30 Nail Forms.


small size

small size





qiuck dry

qiuck dry

Small Size

Benefit from the advanced production technology, the viomuse powder grains are much smaller than the average level.

Less Bubble

Due to the little particles, the polymer powder creates far fewer bubbles than the average level. Honestly, it is impossible without bubbles at all as some reasons such as incorrect ways, skill level and so on.


As the Liquid Monomer has a moderate odor, we recommend users to fill small volumes of it in a little container to use in your working area, and please place it in a cool and ventilated place when not in use.

Quick Dry

Suitable time to dry is very important for the shape making, which must be enough for you to adjust but not to make you wait impatiently. 20s-30s is a perfect time for the beginners and professionals.

Odor: As the LIQIUD MONOMER has a moderate odor, we recommend professionals to fill small volumes of the LIQIUD in a little vial to use in a working place, and please place it in a cool and ventilated place when not in use.
Why It: The Viomuse acrylic polymer powder is milled to a smaller particle size, which creates less bubbles and stronger absorbability and fluidity when monomer is added. And not yellowing base on the quality formula. So begin your Acrylic Nail Creation once with this all-in-one kit.
Let’s DIY: 1 Extend your nails with nail forms or nail tips. 2 Overlays. 3 Carve 3D Sculpted acrylics.
Note: If acrylic nail powder is damaged during transportation, please contact us for replacement. Any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to serve you.