VENALISA Gel Nail Polish, 12ml Deep Pearly Blue Color Soak Off UV LED Nail Gel Polish Nail Art Starter Manicure Salon DIY at Home, 0.43 OZ



Product Description

VENALISA Gel Nail  PolishVENALISA Gel Nail  Polish

Gel Nail PolishGel Nail Polish

Product Description

Package: 1x Gel Nail Polish
Volume: 12ml/0.43 fl.oz
Color: 12 colors as shown in the picture
Required UV/LED nail dryer lamp, must be used with gel base coat top coat.

(Pure White/Black/Purple Vortex/Red/Elegant Blue/Emerald Green/Amaranth/Natual Deep Beige/Nude Pink/Deep Pearly Blue/Gold Glitter/Silver Glitter)









Design 1:

1100: Deep Pearly Blue

Design 2

1036: Red

Design 3

1040: Amaranth

Design 4

1054: Emerald Green

gel nail polishgel nail polish

Some Tips

Too Thick?

Applying every thin coat is the key , make sure the brush don’t have too much on it before starting the strokes.

Not dry?

Please check the wattage of your lamp. Are you only curing for 30 seconds? We suggest: Base coat cured for 30 secs. Gel polish each coat – 60 secs. Top coat – 60 secs. Wipe with alcohol cotton ball.

Tips to avoid chipping

1. Before applying, please ensure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil-free.

2. Don’t apply gel on the skin or cuticle.

3. Apply gel to the edge of each nail to seal the gel with the brush horizontally to avoid chipping.

gel nail polishgel nail polish

How to keep the long lasting and avoid peel off easily?

1. Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails and make sure they are dry and clean.

2. Remember to cap the nail edge for each layer to get a long lasting manicure.

3. If there is gel on the skin , please clean it before curing.We can not have the polish attached to skin or cuticle otherwise it will be easy to peel off.

4. Make sure they are dry and clean,the thinner, the better, or it will get the gel shrunk and peeled off.

Prep Nails

Prep Nails

How to apply

How to apply

How to remove

How to remove

How to Prep Nails ?

1. Shape and smooth the extension edge of the nail.

2. Remove true cuticle from the nail plate with a cuticle pusher.

3. Dust brush to remove nail of the dust.

4. Eliminate surface contaminants by scrubbing the nail.

How to apply ?

1. Apply a thin layer of base coat.

2. Shake the color coat bottle vigorously and then apply a thin layer of UV gel color and cure in the UV lamp.

3. Apply the second layer of UV gel color and cure in the UV lamp.

4. Apply a thin layer of our NO WIPE top coat and cure in the UV lamp.

How to remove ?

1. Wear off and rasp away the top coat.

2. Soak the nails by nail remover wraps about 5-10 minutes.

3. Remove the nail polish by a cuticle pusher.

4. Wash your hands and apply hand cream to moisturize your hands.

❤HEALTHY: The Gel Nail Polish is made of Natural Resin which is Harmless Resin, NON-TOXIC, Environmentally Friendly, High Quality and Low Smell
❤EASY APPLICATION AND GOOD TENACITY: With proper application, last at least 3 weeks and is easy to learn even if it is used for the first time
❤PERFECT GIFT: Beautiful colors can make you attract attention on any occasion. Light weight and easy to carry, it is the perfect gift for her
❤TIPS: Cure under UV or LED Lamp for 90-120 secs. Base and Top coat required