tweexy – Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder (Unicorn)



Product Description


How to Use tweexy, Easy Nail Care ToolHow to Use tweexy, Easy Nail Care Tool

How to Use tweexy, Easy Nail Care Tool

Gently slide tweexy on any two fingers or use ‘squeeze tabs’ to open expandable rings and place on fingers from above.
Loosen your nail polish cap and insert the bottle into tweexy.
Paint your nails, replace the cap, then lift tweexy off your fingers by pulling up on the crown.
Repeat on your other hand.
No need for a flat surface. Polish on your bed, couch or in a car.









How do you get tweexy off your hand when your nails are wet?

To take tweexy off with wet nails, all you have to do is pull it straight up from the crown, as the silicone rubber rings are flexible and have gaps at the bottom.

How do you transfer tweexy to your other hand with wet nails?

Simply slide tweexy on your other hand if the nails are dry, or use the ‘squeeze tabs’ to open the rings wide, then place tweexy directly on the fingers of the hand you will polish.

Will my nail polish bottle fit in tweexy?

No matter what brand bottle you polish with; round, square, rectangular or oval, tweexy’s soft, silicone rubber adapts to snugly hold it.

Will tweexy fit my fingers?

Tweexy firmly and comfortably fits all finger sizes from ring size 3 to 17. For little girl fingers smaller than size three, she can just slip two fingers in one of the rings. The extra finger will add stability.



Our Patented Technology Features

1. A ‘crown’ portion with six horizontal, triangular- shaped, silicone ‘flaps’ that use natural tension to securely hold a nail

polish bottle when a polish bottle is inserted.

2. Two expandable silicone rings that are open on the bottom. The rings securely hold finger sizes as small as size three

and as large as size seventeen. Because the rings are open on the bottom, tweexy can be pulled up and off the

fingers of the hand with wet nails.

3. Two Silicone ‘squeeze tabs’ that allow users to gently pry open the expandable rings, placing tweexy directly on the

fingers when they are unable to slide it onto their fingers due to wet nails. The tabs also make the pulling off of tweexy

from the fingers a smoother experience.

4. Interior grips that allow users to easily open a polish bottle with a single hand by applying downward pressure when it

is placed in the crown.

5. US Utility Patent No. US 9585455 B2. US Design Patent No. USD 821033.

Securely Holds all Nail Polish Bottles & Fits all Fingers!
Polish anywhere without a flat surface… on a couch, bed or in a car!
Great Gift idea! Everyone knows someone who polishes their nails.
Soft, durable silicone rubber… Practically indestructible! Lifetime Guarantee.