The Mane Choice MANETABOLISM Kids Healthy Hair Growth Vitamins – Complete Nutrition Supplements for Longer, Thicker and Healthier Hair for Kids (60 Gummies – Pack of Two)



Who Is The Mane Choice?
SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR KIDS: Everyone, including our children, needs essential vitamins and nutrients to keep our bodies and hair healthy. Manetabolism KIDS is a daily complete dietary supplement formulated specifically for kids that brings out the healthy hair in children 2 and up!
SUPPORT THE OVERALL HEALTH IN THE BODY: Physician formulated and clinically studied to promote healthy hair, nails and skin by supplying nourishment to the body and by directly targeting hair follicles, nail beds, and skin layers. In addition, it improves dietary nutrition and helps to strengthen the immune system.
MULTI-VITAMIN FORMULA: Enriched with multiple vitamins, Manetabolism KIDS Healthy Hair Growth Vitamins increases hair growth and strength by stimulating more blood flow to the scalp. The Vitamin A allows the scalp to produce sebum which aids in the thickness and shine of your hair, while the Vitamin B6 increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the hair follicle and scalp.
GLUTEN-FREE & DAIRY FREE: Manetabolism KIDS Healthy Hair Growth Vitamins is gluten-free and dairy-free to ensure the best quality care for your little ones.