Teenitor 17pcs Nail Files and Buffer, 5pcs Colorful Files Blocks, 5pcs Black Sand Files, Professional Gel nail file Set and 7-sides Sky Dipping Powder Buffer 2pcs



Product Description

Teenitor nail buffer pads are great for all your filing needs, Nails, Hobbies and Crafts. A must have in professional salons or day nail art at home. Besides, a terrific gift for girls who love nail art as birthday gift, Christmas gift & Halloween Gift.

Black100/180 Nail Sand Files: These Nail Files are made with top quality adhesive tape and emery board materials.Designed with round top & Double Sides, Sandpaper on surface, foam on second layer, plastic in middle-level. Sturdy & durable and resistance to fracture, ideal to file and rough up the hard fingernails, toe nails, acrylic nails and animal nails in 100 grit while 180 grit smooths up your nail edge with refined shape
Colorful Buffer Blocks: different color will helpful for you to distinguish which one is your own. A handy little nail art tool to buff and shape up uneven nail surface before UV gel and acrylic application
Professional Gel nail file Set: These nail buffers include EDGE Silver 150 Cushioned Board, EDGE Silver 180 Cushioned Board, EDGE White 240 Cushioned Board, FLEX Silver 100/180 Buffer, FLEX Silver/Moss 200/280 Buffer, FLEX Green/White1000/4000 Shine, different girts function differently. A must have in professional salons or day nail art at home
7 Ways Buffer: 7 surfaces in 7 different colors showing 7 steps for filing and buffing nails; Every surface has every single different level of smoothness; each side is numbered for the order to use and shows the function of each surface; file your nails as you normally would; The nail shape can be round, square and oval; It can be a useful way to create naturally smooth nails