SOZGE Nail Strengthener for Treating Weak, Damaged Nails, Promotes Growth, Use as a Top Coat or Base Coat

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A Common Modern Problem
With the increasing use of nail paints, nail art, acetone, repeated manicures, cosmetic nail procedures and detergents, the nail plate undergoes regular damage resulting in rough, lusterless and pigmented nails. 
The Cure – The SOZGE Nail Strengthener
The SOZGE Nail Strengthener applied on the nail-plate, will yield you results in coming to have shinier, smoother and brighter nails. The AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) in our nail strengthener formula has been scientifically proven to be highly effective in treating dry, rough and discoloration in nails.
Play it Safe
The transparent nitrocellulose-based formula is not harmful to the skin, and is an effective agent to give a hard, and high shine finish.
3-in-1 Technology: Base coat, Top coat or Hardening treatment
1, As a hardening treatment
Apply twice a week to promote long lasting growth of strong and healthy nails
2, As a base coat
Apply one coat under the nail polish will give extra hard reinforcement to your nail
3, As a top coat
Apply one coat on your dust free nail polish to get a high gloss finish
💗-SHINIER, SMOOTHER AND BRIGHTER NAILS – SOZGE Nail Strengthener restores the shine, smoothness and brightness of your nails.
💗-HARDENS NAIL PLATE – Strengthens nails that easily chip, crack, split and breaks, say goodbye to unsightly and irritating brittle nails.
💗-TOP COAT OR BASE COAT OR REMEDY – Three ways to use the SOZGE Nail Strengthener, either as a top coat to give a high gloss finish to your nail polish, or as a base coat to make your nails significantly stronger, or just as a treatment to promote the permanent growth of stronger, healthy nails.
💗-SAFE, FREE FROM HARMFUL CHEMICALS – The transparent nitrocellulose-based formula is not harmful to the skin.