SIUSIO 40 pack Professional Czech Crystal Glass Nail Files Buffer Manicure Tools Kit Set Gradient Rainbow Color for Nail polishing – The Best Emory Boards for Fingernail & Toenail Care (pink&blue)



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Abrasive Surface: Double-Sided 
Grit: All Files feature the same grit, Fine ~ Medium Grit Etched Filing Surface
Total File Length: 5.3 in / 135 mm
Handle Length: 1.6 in / 41 mm
Abrasive Surface Length: 3.7 in / 94 mm
Width: 0.43 in / 11 mm
Thickness: 0.08 in / 2 mm
End: Pointed
1. Rub the nails from the sides to the center of the nail tip and rub in one direction.
2. After licking the same part several times, move it to other parts to rub it, then circulate the real nails cyclically to avoid hurting the real nails.

1. Use a nail file nail fungus to gently rub on the skin. When the abrasion is more rough than the skin, the abrasiveness of the burr is over the natural nail resistance, which may cause the natural nail to break or peel off. Choose a softer nail file.
2. Do not rub the real nails in the same part of the back and forth. This kind of friction will cause fever, causing damage or falling off of the real armor.

★ Hygienic & Reusable: The non-porous cordless baby nail file prevents the growth of unhealthy substances, making your nails healthier.The rotary check jumbo files nail hardener for nail drill are easier to clean after use. Fancy crystal nail file bits gives you more peace of mind.
★ Strengthens Nails: Each product package includes 40PCS crystal glass Nail file. Regular, long-term use can strengthen & harden natural nails allowing you to grow healthy, long, beautiful nails!
★ Smooth Finish: Byrd ceramic 100/100 material, the tropical nailfiler seals the natural keratin layers together at the nail’s edge, leaving nails smooth with no jagged edges, reducing nail splitting, chipping & peeling
★ Quality Assurance: Your satisfaction means everything to us. With our 30-day 100% money back guarantee, you can be assured that you have made a safe choice. We are very confident that you will like our nail files, this is our commitment to you!