ROSSI Dip Powder 5 Essentials Kit with Primer, Base and Top Coat, Activator and Brush Saver Kit, 0.5oz/15 ml for Acrylic Nails No Wipe Fast Dry Dipping Powder Nail Set, No UV Lamp needed



🌼Long Lasting Base Coat – Increase adhesion of nail dipping powder. Apply a thin base coat and make your nailpolish last longer. Enjoy the look of a perfect, no chip manicure in striking colors.
🌼Upgraded Formula Activator – Easy one coat application after you finish dipping your nails. Buff and shape then apply another coat. Let it air dry for 1 minute. No UV lamp needed.
🌼No Wipe Gel Top Coat – Prevent nail abrasion for healthier, better looking nails. Super easy and convenient for home use. One nail top coat is all you need but you can apply two for a high shine effect.
🌼Brush Saver – Cleans brushes between and during the dipping system application. It will clean any powder residue from your brushes, ensuring a healthy re-usage.