Pine Gel Nail Polish Set 6 Colors Pink Lavender Gray Silver Glitter 7.5ml Soak Off UV LED Nail Gel Home Manicure Kit

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🌲About Pine:
-Pine is specialized in research and development of manicure products.
-Every Pine product will be tested by our professional manicurist to ensure our customers have a good using experience.
-Pine Gel Nail Polish has a faint aroma of Pine, unlike the pungent smell of normal nail polish. More healthy for salon or home nail art.

Pine Gel Nail Polish Set:
1.High shine and smooth to use, not thick and clumpy, get salon quality at home.
2.It would be perfect paired with each other or stand alone and be beauty.
3.Pack with an exquisite box that protects gel polish and hold them in place to keep them safe.
4.Suitable for natural nails, poly gel nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.

Item Included:
6 colors gel polish. 7.5ml/0.25fl.oz of each color.

1.Prepare nails: shape nails, trim cuticles, file nails surface to make it rough (KEY POINT). Keep it clean, dry and oil-free.
2.Apply a thin layer of base coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 60-90s.
3.Apply a thin layer of color gel, cure under UV/LED lamp for 60-90s.
4.Apply a thin layer of top coat, cure under UV/LED lamp for 90-120s.

1.Lightly polish the nails surface with nail file (KEY POINT).
2.Soak the nails by nail remover wraps about 10-15 minutes.
3.Gently push off the softened gel by using a cuticle pusher.

💡Peel Off Easily?
1.Prep nails well.
2.Use with base coat and top coat.
3.Paint the nail edge when applying each layer.
4.If there is gel on the skin or cuticle, clean it off before curing.

💡Not Dry?
1. Please make sure to cure gel polish for enough time.
2. Don’t apply too much gel polish. The thinner, the better.
3. It is normal the base coat and color gel still be sticky after cured.
4. If the UV/LED lamp has been used for a long time, the light of it will be weakened and can’t completely dry the gel.

⭐ High Pigmented & Awesome Coverage — Pine color gel polishes are made with rich premium pigments. One coat of color can get the full color. No need for several coats.
⭐ Long-lasting & Durability — With proper application such as prep nails well and use with base coat and top coat, Pine gel polish can last up to 21 days. No chips and won’t peel off easily.
🌲 Healthy Ingredients & Eco-Friendly — Pine soak-off UV/LED cure gel polishes are made from natural resin. Non-toxic formula. Slight pleasant fresh pine fragrance. Safe to use.
💌 Satisfaction Guarantee — Not happy with Pine gel nail polish? Don’t worry, refund or replace totally free of charge. We won’t let you stuck with something you don’t love!