O’2NAILS 120 Colors Gel Nail Polish Kit 5 Pens One Step Gel No Base and Top Coat Needed with Mini LED Nail Light Nail Art Starter Kit



Product Description


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O’2NAILS, the global leading nail ecosystem solution brand, which is dedicated to high quality integrating smart nail terminals, mobile internet platforms, and nail fashion lifestyles into every female consumer scenario, family, and individuals.

The iN5 120 colors gel mixing pens is an innovative product of O’2NAILS, it can provide 120 colors for your collection, which cover 5 color schemes: Violet, Pink, Khaki, Blue, Green, meet your vatirous color need!


5 Mixing color gel polish pens: Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow
1 mini LED nail lamp
1 set of nail tool

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Creat 120 colors easily!!


The APP will show all the 120 colors for your selection.
Choose the color and how much nail you would like to do on the APP.
The APP will shows which pen, what the scale and how many drop of gel you should need.
Pick up the pen and adjust the scale as the APP shows, dispening the gel into the plate.
Mixing the gel, then you can get the color which you like.


Violet collections

Violet is the color of dreams, wishes and whimsy. it encourages peace of mind and helps people gather focus. Purple gives love with enthusiasm, kindness and understanding.


Pink collections

Like a mysterious girl with a veil, enthusiastic but gentle, unrestrained but restrained


Khaki collections

Sweet and fragrant cream, mellow coffee, rippling circles in the white bone china cup. According to legend, Khaki is also called “KAP-kee”, which stands for coffee and also means love.

Blue collectionsBlue collections

Blue collections

Blue ocean and the sky of stars, waves and stars, where the sea meet the sky, a dark blue sky fall.

Green collectionsGreen collections

Green collections

Locked by clouds and mist in the forest, there is an unpredicctable silence. The first sunshine illuminate all arround from the crack, the green poetry starts chanting.



Blue collectionsBlue collections

Green collectionsGreen collections



One step gel

One step gel



O-Pens APP

APP Show all 120 colors online for secletion.
You can choose the color and how many nails like to do.
The APP will show which pens and what scale gel you should to use.

High-quality one step gel

No base coat and top coat needed, finish in one step, Salon-quality effect.
Required curing 1min under LED nail lamp.
Smooth and lasting for 15 days

SGS certified

SGS certified the content formaldehyde free, benzene free and heavy metal free

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5 COLORS SCHEMES: 120 colors cover 5 fashion schemes: Violet, pink, khaki, blue, green, meet all you need in one set gel nail polish, perfect for various occasions, moods and seasons.
HIGH QUALITY ONE STEP GEL: No need base coat and top coat, more convenient and save your time. Low smell, safety for hands, lasting for 7-15 days with charming color.
WIDELY APPLY: 120 colors in 5 pens, convenient for carrying and is espencially suitable for outgoing and traveling. 5 pens gel nail polish can do nails up to 100 pair of hands.
IDEAL GIFT: Ideal gift for girlfriend, mother, family members, friends, perfect for birthday gift, Christmas gift, new year gift, vanlentines day gift, mother day gift.