No Burn Acid Free Primer, Professional Natural Nail Bond Primer,Superior Bonding Acid Free Primer 0.5 oz For Gel Nail Polish UV Gels System Manicure Tips Functional Use



Product Description


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No Burn Acid Free PrimerNo Burn Acid Free Primer

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer


Increase adhesion.
Quick dry.
Remove grease of the nail surface of the nail surface.
Perfect for both professional and home use.


Package including 1pcs nail primer in 15ML


Application:To bond natural nails And UV gel

Usage:For UV Gels Only

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer


Nail Primer is one of the most important substances that has an effect on longevity, of gel, gel polish design. It removes grease and changes pH of the nail which enhances adherence properties of the product. It prevents the creation of air bubbles and helps to adhere design to a problematic nail plate.

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer


It etch the nail plate and allow that product to seep into the nail plate surface. it help the color gel bond to the nail bed. It’s less corrosive and works like double sided tape to stick nail and product together.

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

Using Steps

1.Use buffer or nail file to file off the surface of your nail beds;

2.Apply nail prep dehydrator(90s air dry);

3.Apply Acid Free Primer(90s air dry);

4.Apply base coat(30s-120s cured by lamp)

5.Apply gel polish,nail art,etc.6.Apply top coat(30s-120s cured by lamp)

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

Air Dry

Quick to dry without LED/UV lamp.

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

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Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

Acid Free PrimerAcid Free Primer

NO LIFTING: When used together these high-quality products will prevent lifting and provide nails with the etch to help adhere to the natural nail bed surface.
BALANCE & PREVENT: Our Bond is perfect to reduce nail oil & to create a strong foundation! Use the UV Gel Primer for an acid free nail base for gel application.
VERY COMPATIBLE with all gel nail, as well as any artificial nail art, and works great with all leading professional nail care brands in the market.
APPLY:The nail primer to bond natural nail And UV Gel only