Nail Dryer, Ranphykx 48W Gel UV LED Nail lamp with 3 Timers and Sensor 21pcs LED Gel Machine for Manicure and Pedicure, Relieve Burning Sensation



【Multifunctional and Smart】:UV LED nail dryer lights have auto-sensor for on/off (no switch). Timer setting (30s 60s 99s) can easily control the curing time, and time will be displayed on the big LCD screen. Smart touch, put your hand into the nail lamp, it will automatically light up without pressing any buttons.
【Wide Space and Easy to Use】: Big enough space of UV nail dryer can curing 5 Fingernails at the same time. UV LED Nail Polish Dryer can be started automatically by auto-sensor without pressing any key. You can dry the whole hand or foot evenly including the thumb at once, and without worrying about the sides not curing.
【Safe for Eyes and No Blacked Hand】: Our LED nail lamp generate daylight non-ultraviolet white light safe for eyes. Say goodbye to outdated single UV lamps causing troubles with blackened hands and no harm for our eyes.
【Take The Beauty Salon Home】: To enjoy a salon experience with your friend and family at home. Using our UV LED nail polish dryer you can not only save time and effort, but also save a amount of money to get same salon experience at home.Feel free to contact us before you open the return case, Thanks!