Modelones Acrylic Powder Clear Acrylic Powder Kit 4 oz + Professional Liquid Monomer 4 oz Nail System For Nail Extension acrylic powder and liquid set No Need Nail Lamp, MMA Free Liquid

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MODELONES make the color for everyone in this world, no matter what color you are, no matter what sex you are, just enjoy your color, and be the only one in this world.

All of gel nail polish is high quality: long lasting; smooth and easy to apply; suitable for all kinds of nails. Whether home manicure or salon use, they will bring you a professional and perfect result.

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acrylic powderacrylic powder

1 x 4 oz LIQUID MONOMER 120ML + 1 x 4 oz CLEAR ACRYLIC POWDER 118g

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acrylic powdeacrylic powderr

acrylic powder

acrylic powder


Acrylic powder is Polymer that gives you flawless consistency and superior adhesion. It is a self-leveling polymer that requires minimum filing, a non-yellowing formula that provides clarity and strength.


Our Liquid Monomer is an advanced blended monomer. Low odor non-yellowing formula, provides strength, flexibility and color stabilizer.

acrylic powder

acrylic powder

acrylic powder

acrylic powder

acrylic powder

acrylic powder

Nail Extension

1. Apply a layer of base coat,cure it.

2. Put a nail form on your nail.

3. Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.

4. After the acrylic powder and the acrylic liquid are combined, and apply it to the nail.

5. it would dry within 1-2 mins.

6. Take off the nail form.

7. Trim the shape your nails.

8. Apply top coat,cure it.

Nail Decoration

1. Apply the color you want.

2. Brush the acrylic powder on the nail with acrylic liquid.

3. Put the nail decoration.

4. it would dry within 1-2 mins.

5. Apply a color coat.

Various Type

Design any type you want

❤ NO NEED CURING, SAVING TIME: Modelones Acrylic Powder System doesn’t need nail lamp to cure, which can avoid turning skin black and damaging skin from nail lamp. It is a better way to make your nails more faster without cuing the nail every times of applying.
❤ HIGHT QUALITY LONG LASTING: Modelones Acrylic Powder System Kit is long-lasting, chip-resistant for Modelones special formula and advanced manufacture skill. It can last for about 2-3 weeks even without nail lamp curing.
❤ LOW-SMELL: The acrylic liquid has a heavy odor, and Modelones Powder Kit is lower odor with lower pungent smells. Great material of our acrylic powder will be your perfect choice for your nail.
❤ SATISFACTION SERVE OF MODELONES ACRYLIC POWDER KIT:All the products were under QUALITY CONTROL. So for any Pre-sale and After-sales problems about products, please contact our Customer Service Team, we are always standing by for you.