Manicure Set, TusKou 17 In 1 Stainless Steel Professional Pedicure Kit Nail Scissors Grooming Kit Gift for Men/Women with Black Leather Travel Case (17 Piece)

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Have you been looking for a complete manicure and pedicure nail clipper set?
TusKou manicure set has it all! Our kit doesn’t just include finger and toenail care tools but includes facial tools too!!

1.Ergonomic design and curved knife edge fits nails more comfortably.
2.Non-slip design means your hands are less likely to slip.
3.Medical grade stainless steel effectively reduces the risk of infection.

Tools and instructions:
2 x Nail Clippers: Use to trim fingernails.
1 x Cuticle Nipper: Use to trim cuticles.
1 x Nail File: Use to smooth and round nails.
1 x Dead Skin Fork: Use to remove hang nails, calluses, dead skin,etc..
1 x Tweezer: Use to pluck eyebrows, ingrown hairs, etc..
1 x Scissors: Use to trim eyebrows.
1 x Nail Cleaning Knife: Use to clean dirt from underneath nails.
1 x Cuspidal/Obtuse push-type broach: Use to trim nails and to scrape off/remove keratin and nail polish.
2 x Ear Pick:  Use to clean ears.
2 x Acne Tool: Use to treat and remove acne including blackheads.
1 x Flat Callus Remover: Use to clean and remove dead skin from feet.
1 x Oblique Callus Remover: Use to clean and remove dead skin from feet.
1 x Zigzag Callus Remover: Use to clean and remove dead skin from feet.

Mani-Pedi Kit Care and Maintenance
☑ After using, make sure the tools are clean and dry before returning them to the case. Keep case in a dry environment. By following these instructions, your tools will be last for several years without rusting.
☑ For your health, it is best to use your own nail care set as using separate personal tools will help avoid the spread of bacterial infections.

★ If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

17 IN 1 GROOMING KIT: TusKou‘s set includes all the tools you‘ll ever need for hand, foot and facial care.  This set includes eyebrow scissors, eyebrow tweezers, ear-picks, acne tools, regular nail clippers, oblique nail clippers, a double-headed pick, an exfoliating fork, a nail file, a peeling knife, pedicure pliers, toenail clippers, a toenail file, a pedicure knife, a diagonal pedicure knife and a curved pedicure knife. Please refer to picture 2 to see each of these tools.
PORTABLE TRAVEL CASE: The TusKou kit comes with a black leather case to protect the sharp tools. This kit can fit into almost any bag, is great for travel or daily use and has a secure snap closure making it easy to open and close.
GIFT IDEAL: 17 tools for manicures, pedicures, exfoliating, anti-acne, eyebrow shaping and more all in an elegant leather case makes the ideal gift for friends or family! Buy this set and your shopping is done!
GUARANTEE & WARRANTY: TusKou’s premium quality beauty care tools come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer a 100% money back refund, no questions asked and no hassles.