Makartt Nail Drill Bit Set B-25 Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Acrylic Nail Drill Bits 7Pcs Remove Acrylic Nails Gel Polish Poly Extension Nail Gel Drill Bit Manicure Pedicure 3/32

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Product Description

Nail drill bit setNail drill bit set

Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Nail Drill Bits Set 7Pcs


VERSATILE: You can use these tools to buff and smoothen your nail, grind the shape and remove gel nail or dead skin.

PORTABLE: Easy to carry and bring them out. You can do your nail artwork anytime anywhere.

TIME-SAVING: Cut your time in the half, convenient and efficient for your manicure.

SAFETY BITS: The unique design for you to do your nail artwork and protect your skin from damage.







Needle bit

Filing away residual cured gel or cuticles in hard to reach areas. under-nails clean, sidewalls, backfills. carving out designs and smile lines.

Diamond Top

3/32 fitment, used for under nail cleaning/product shaping/backfills. To clean around cuticles and protect skin.

Large Barrel Top

Easily do surface work on the nail.

Shortening and shaping the extra thick and irregular nails.

Backfill cutting.

Make a smile line.







Brush Bit

Can easily clean the dust on the bits or nails , protect the bits.

Barrel Ball Top

Called Safety Bit.

Remove nail design placed close to cuticle area without damaging the nail.

Perfect for beginners.

Ceramic cone bits

Remove cuticle and extra glues. Used under the nail or sidewalls. Perfect for use on top of the toenails because of its slim size.


Tungsten nail drill bitTungsten nail drill bit

When you give this precious nail drill bit to a friend who loves nail and want to creat nail atrs, they must be surprise and happy.

No matter what you want – manicure, pedicure, cuticle trimming, and even carving under the nail – there is a great gift tool for you.

Tungsten Carbide Diamond Ceramic Nail Drill Bits

The set includes 6 tools which can do the following: Sharpen extra thick or rough nails;grind nails or trim the cuticle;stimulate nail growth;remove dead skin;clean and neaten the cuticle or the underside of the nail;carve deep underneath the nail;polish and reshape gel and acrylic nails;smoothen nail edges. And the brush can clean the bits and dust.The Tungsten Carbide Safety bit round on the top,safety to do the remove work.

Tungsten Carbide Coarse barrel & Medium fine barrel bits can use for back-fill cutting, shorten and shape the nail, make a smile line.

Ceramic Cone Bits Remove Cuticle and Extra Glues,Used Under the Nail Or Sidewalls.Perfect for use on top of the toenails because of its slim size.

Diamond Fine Grit Small Cone Shaped Drill bit, Slender to a capped point. 3/32 fitment, used for under nail cleaning/product shaping/backfills.


Nail Drill

Ceramic Cuticle Clean


30 Holes Nail Drill Bits Holder

30000RPM Nail Drill Rechargeable

Nail Drill Machine 18000 RPM


Low Heat, Low Noise Low Vibration

Less Heat Safety Cuticle Clean,beginner

Less Heat,Less Dust Cuticle Clean

Can be used to store many nail drill bits, such as 3/32” carbide drill bits, ceramic nail file bit.

Upgrade JD700 longer life,more quiet and low shock when working

Portability & Cordless

Lightweight Nail Drill Bits: Makartt nail drill bits tools are sturdiness, hard-wearing and durable to use. Portable and lightweight for both personal and family use anytime and anywhere.
Multi-functions Efile Drill Bits: Carbide nail drill bits are ideal nail art tools accomplishing diversified professional jobs such as carving, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing and so on. Suitable for all gel nails such as gel nail polish, poly extension nail gel, dip powder, nail extension gel, great tools value for money. Professional manicurist for beginner. It is also suitable for left-handed.
Easy to Clean Safety Drill Bit: Ceramic nail drill bits are corrosion resistant, as well as no clogging for nails. Nail Brush Bit can easily clean the dust on the bits or nails, protect the bits after each use, keep you and your client’s nails healthy.
Compact Drill Bits Nails Design: With its portable design, lightweight, it is easy to hold for both personal and family use anytime and anywhere. See-through design helping you figure out the desired bits quickly. Best gift for beginners to start their journey to the nail art world.