Litchi Electric Manicure Pedicure Kit, 13-in-1 Complete Nail Care Set, Soften, Shape, File, Buff, Shine Nails, Remove Calluses & Cuticles, Rhodamine Red



Product Description

Litchi Electric Manicure Pedicure Kit 13-in-1 Complete Nail Care Set, Rhodamine Red

Get The Most Trendy & Fabulous Nails In The Comfort Of Your Home, Thanks To This Amazing Manicure & Pedicure Station Brought To You By Litchi!

Are you a nail artist looking for a reliable and trustworthy device that will make your work easier? Or simply a lover of great-looking nails in need of accessories that will help you do them like a professional?

Whichever the case, this is your lucky day, because Litchi has just the thing you’re looking for!

Discover the magical world of nail art and experiment with different colors, styles, and patterns, while keeping your nails healthy and in tip-top condition; all with the help of this multi-functional manicure and pedicure set!

Get your nail spa treatment at the comfort of your home! All you need to do is set up our set, put on your favorite music and enjoy a fully complete nail care experience!

Not One, Not Two, But NINE Different Attachments Await You!

nail care setnail care set

This incredible 13-1 electric set is here to save you time and money, by offering you a slew of different accessories that you can utilize to keep your hands gorgeous! 

The unit includes:

The Main Station: A comfortable base where you can easily store all of its accessories!

Nail Bath Tub: Attached to the one side of the main station, there is one comfortable tub where you can soak your hands to soften the cuticles for easier removal later on!

Round-head Nail File: File hard nails without fearing for cutting your fingers with the round head end. Can be used on both natural and acrylic gel nails.

Dust Brush: After you’re done filing them, gently remove the dust on your nails, by moving the brush softly in the same direction.

Large Coarse Grinding Disc: Give your long nails the perfect shape, by grinding their ends; suitable for both artificial and natural nails.

Bullet Bit: Smoothen calluses or corns on both your hands and your feet.

Nail Buffer: Give your nails a natural shiny look with the buffer.

Cuticle Pusher: Push back your cuticles with this attachment’s bigger end and scrape off excess cuticles with the smaller end.

Built-in Fan: After you have applied your base, nail polish, or top coat, put your hand in front of the fan to let your nails dry in a matter of seconds!

These are but a few of the attachments because you also have a simple nail file, a coarse nail file, a grinding cone, and a round-head bit!


4 + 1 Reasons Why This Is The Best Choice, You Can Make For Your Nails!

nail care systemnail care system

Still not sure that this is the best mani-pedi station you can get? Then check out this list we’ve made that can make your decision a whole lot easier!

3-1 Fully Complete Set: You got a tub for preparing your nails, a rechargeable handheld unit with all necessary accessories to take care of them, AND a built-in fan to dry them! Multiple Extra Accessories: Shape, buff, dust, smoothen, remove; everything you need is in our kit! Compact & Easy To Store: Each attachment has its place for storage on the station, and the station itself is small and easy to store or take it with you while traveling! Time & Money Saver: No need to fit your nail artists’ tight schedule or to spend hundreds of bucks for your nails anymore! Super Easy To Use: Simply follow the instructions on our handy User’s Manual! We could go on, but you get the picture; you are simply gonna love Litchi’s Manicure & Pedicure Electric Set!

Offer yourself the relaxation of a home-made nail spa, while getting the satisfaction of experimenting on your nails and making them exactly like you want them!

Our device was designed to be a breeze for any user, that is why it features simple on/off buttons for the nail bath, the handheld unit’s charger, and the built-in fan.

The handheld unit can be used either while connected to the power cord, or cordless and powered by the built-in rechargeable battery!

Any question or problem, we are always at your disposal!

【SET UP A NAIL SALON ON YOUR LIVING ROOM! 】Once you get your hands on our premium manicure and pedicure set, you can have your personal nail salon anytime you want. Forget about making appointments and spending hundreds of dollars; get your nails done whenever and however you want!
【MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS & ACCESSORIES! 】This fully equipped manicure and pedicure device boasts nine different attachments that file, buff, shape, and remove calluses, corns, and cuticles! Moreover, it has a practical water tub where you can soak your fingers, AND a built-in fan to dry your nail polish!
【IDEAL FOR PROFESSIONAL & HOME USE! 】 Whether you are a professional nail artist that needs a reliable piece of equipment for your work or an amateur that loves meddling and experimenting with different colors and shapes on your nails, our manicure pedicure device is just what you need for your creations!
【ORDER WITH PEACE OF MIND! 】 We have absolute faith in our fantastic manicure and pedicure set – after all, we’re using it ourselves! In fact, we are so confident that it’s the best deluxe set your money can buy, that, in case you aren’t perfectly happy with it, we back it up by a 30-day money-back guarantee AND a one-year warranty!