JODSONE 120W LED Nail Lamp for Two Hand, Led Nail Light for Gel Nails with 54 Pcs Light Bead, Gel Nail Lamp Quick Curing Nail Gel Polish, Nail Dryer Suitable Salon and Home Use,Black

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Product Description




JODSONE, a brand focused on nail machine. Our aim is to provide better quality nail products for global customers

SUN M1 UV LED Nail Lamp

JODSONE SUN nail dryer with 54 pieces 120W double light source. SUN M1 U V/LED(365nm+405nm) lamp is a professional nail dryer which is suitable for nail salon and home use

Large space, can put both hands at the same time

Super high power, super multi lamp beads, fast drying time

Auto-sensing function, easy to use Detachable base for drying toenails

Can dry all types of uv led nail gel polish

There is a low heat mode, it will be more comfortable to use








How to Use

1.connect the adapter

2.after starting the machine, the machine working time can be set by the timing button.

3.Commonly used timing buttons are 10s,30ss,60s,99s(99s button belongs to low heat no painless mode)

4.when timing is up to the button setting, press the timing button again, and then it will enter all the timing reset under the standby state.

5.When you do not use the time setting button, put hands into the machine,infrared sensor will automatically start the machine,the maximum working time is 120s.

6.The display screen shows the corresponding timing time, when using 10s,30s,60s buttons for timing, the display time is countdown. when using 99s button and infrared sensor for timing, the display screen shows the clockwise timing.



Packing List


2.Power supply * 1pcs

3.Manual*1 pcs

High Power Professional Smart Two Hand Nail Lamp

suitable for salon and home use; quickly dry your nail gel without harm

1.54 pcs UV/LED beads(365+405nm)

2.max power 120W(Max)

3.Adapter:Rated input:100-240V,50-60H

4.Product size:277*220*117mm

5.Plug: US plug

Please read the manual carefully before operation

Please use the standard adapters in case of the paramter impatibleness of other adapters which will cause device damage

Do not let water or other liquid into the machine to avoid the lamp damage and electric shock.

Please unconncet the adapter when not in use in a long time


【Super Large Space】The internal space can be placed with hands or feet. Can dry nail gel on 10 fingers or 10 toenails at once
【54 PCS Durable light Beads】 Light beads have a service life of 50,000 hours. Adopt dual optical wavelength (365nm+405nm), makes it dry gel nail polish.The number of light beads of other professional high-power nail lamp is between 30-40.
【Timer Setting and Auto-sensing Function】4 timers, each with 10s, 30s, 60s, 99s mode; with LCD display; Smart Touch, put your hand in the nail lamp, it will automatically light up; It will go out automatically. 99s mode is a low heat mode, if you think the power is too high, you can choose this mode.
【Cure Almost All Gel Polish】the UV LED nail lamp work well with All UV gel & LED Gel Nail Polish include UV gel, LED gel, builder gel, acrylic gel, magnetic gel, gem gel, etc. It is the first choice for professional nail salons, Also suitable for home use.