Gleebee Acrylic Powder & Liquid, Acrylic Nail Kit, Acrylic Nail Powder and Liquid Set for Nail Carving, Professional Manicure Set



Gleebee has THE HIGHEST QUALITY components to produce easy adhesion and quality hardness that LASTS! If your nails are lifting make sure that you are not applying too close to the cuticle.
Gleebee Acrylic Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder provides amazing control with its ability to self-level and adhere to the natural nail, while providing beautiful clarity and hardness that makes the naisl last!
MMA FREE: strong smell occurs. All professional Acrylic Monomer Powders have a strong smell because it is FDA compliant and does not contain MMA. Our MMA Free Monomer Power is very safe to use. A ventilated place is recommended to reduce the smell.
NON-YELLOWING: This high-quality acrylic liquid is formulated with UV stabilizers to ensure color clarity and prevent yellowing or dulling. Colors stay vibrant for weeks!
ACRYLIC POWDER: Formulated by experts. Our Acrylic Powder is a bubble-free polymer that will offer extraordinary clarity. Our Acrylic Powder provides a smooth self-leveling finish. Optimized for all seasons.