Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light – 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Lamp, 8 Pastel Spring Summer Colors Gel Nail Polish Set Starter Kit with Base & No Wipe Top Coat and Manicure Tools by Tecanne

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Product Description

Tecanne Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light

brand Tecannebrand Tecanne

nail lampnail lamp

Smart Nail Lamp

Easy to use: our 48W curing lamp design concept is easily for nail art at home—only one step: plug the adapter.

High power nail dryer: 48W nail dryer with powerful 21pcs led beads and unique design shape, can cure most of the UV LED gel polish, but it can’t used for regular polish or only uv gel polish

Big space: 48W nail lamp can cure 5 fingers at one time, cure faster and save your time, suitable for nails at home and salon use.

Easy to carry: we have made the research on 1000 people, 90% people feel it light weight, it doesn’t take up any room, the weight is only 0.227 kg, and it is good choice for school, office, home use and travel.

Good quality: We use the imported chips for our led beads, with long life 50000 hours life. The project of the motherboard is designed by Germany engineers, more stable and safe.

gel nail polishgel nail polish

Color Difference

This is an interesting question: I think most of people will ask, why my color is different with photos?

we have asked many professional manicurists about this: everyone’s nail technique is different. Tips: regular practice is a good way to improve nail technique. And it will make nails paints a different color for different people , so it is normal to have a color difference from the picture. Shakespeare said: A thousand readers will have a thousand Hamlett, for the nails, it is also the same, different people will have the different color.

Everyone has their own color, this is the fun of nail art, how do you think about this?

manicure toolsmanicure tools

Practical Manicure Tools

Nail files and buffers x4

Cuticle fork x1

Cuticle pusher x1

Nail clipper x1

Nail Separator x2

Nail brush x1

Nail color card x2

best gift for your friendbest gift for your friend

Nice Package, Best Gift Idea for Your Girl

nail salon at homenail salon at home

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Share it with Your Friend

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best gift for your friendbest gift for your friend

nail salon at homenail salon at home

share it with your friendshare it with your friend

Enjoy your Summer HolidayEnjoy your Summer Holiday

base and top coat

base and top coat

long lasting

long lasting

gel nail polish remover

gel nail polish remover

How to Apply The Gel

1. Trim and polish (nail file) nail surface, prep and push back cuticles, clean and dry your nails.

2. Important: Shake the gel nail polish before use to make the color more uniform and balance

3. Apply Base coat thinly, and cure under uv led nail lamp for 60-90s.

4. Apply color gel polish in a thin application. Cure under nail lamp for 60s. Repeat step to get the color effect you want. (Usually apply 2-3 layers color gel polish as your demand )

5. Apply Top coat and cure under uv led nail lamp for 60-90s.

How to Keep The Long Lasting

1. Remove the cuticle, trim the edge, polish your nails and make sure they are dry and clean.

2. Remember to apply base coat thinly, the thinner, the better.

3. Don’t cure the coat too long or too short. (usually 60-90s)

Tips: Practice is very important, practice make better, practice make perfect.

How to Remove

1. Use a nail file and buffer to polish the Nail Top Coat.

2. Apply nail removal liquid on the remover cotton pad.

3. Wrap the aluminum foil around your gel nails;

4. Hold on and wait 3-5 minutes, until the nail polish completely melt.

5. Push away the residual nail polish.

💅Smart Nail Lamp💅 48W nail lamp with 21pcs LED lights, LCD screen and smart sensor, 3 timer setting (30s 60s 99s), put your hand in and the LED lights will automatic lighting.
💅8 Colors Gel Polish💅 Made from natural resin, wears like gel, good tenacity. Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients, low smell, NON-TOXIC.
💅Save Your Money💅 Enjoy nail salon at home with your family. Nail polish full kit for beginners, nice packaging, also an amazing gift idea for Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, and Wedding Anniversary.
💅7×24 Customer Service💅 Please feel free to contact us if there are any problems, 7×24 hours customer service, guarantee 30 days return or refund.