Gel Nail Polish 36 Pcs Colors Fall Holiday Gel Polish Soak Off Gel Nail Kit Glitter Nail Art Starter Kit Beauty Gifts Set Box by Modelones



Product Description

gel nail polish colors 36gel nail polish colors 36

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set

Well-Selected 36 Colors Gel: 36 PCS color gel 7ml/each

Diversified Use: One gel collection to try different kinds of gel polish effect. No more struggle to decide which colors should to select, multi-color gel set is to meet your diverse needs.

Ideal Gift for Her: Modelones nail gel polish kit comes in a beautiful gift box. They are appropriate for any holiday or special event,such as birthday, holiday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day gift. No more struggle to decide which colors should to select. Glam and glitter nail designs can be freely finished with these vibrant color UV gel.

36 colors36 colors

36 Essential colors all in one box!

Your manicure design can be freely finished with these vibrant color UV gel.

Enjoy DIY nail art fun: Save your time and money. No need to make appointment with salon and spend lots of money on salon. DIY still can get salon effect.



Ideal for gift: Best gift for her on holiday like Christmas,Valentine,New Year and so on.

Why is the gel polish sticky and thick?

Applying every thin coat is the key , make sure the brush don’t have too much gel on it before starting apply.
It is normal for a base coat and color gel remain a little sticky after curing. It would have better adhersion between nails and gel layers. The top coat would seal it.(Please do not over-cure it or it would peel off easily)

1. May cause ALLERGIC REACTION. Please take SKIN TEST every time before doing manicure.

2. Please clean and disinfect manicure set prior manicure.

3. Please DO NOT apply gel polish to nails that damaged or infected. Please cure the fungus on nails before manicure.







How to keep the long lasting?

​Remove the extra cuticles, trim the edge, file your nail surface completely and make sure they are dry and clean.
Remember to apply thin layer. Thinner means stronger.
Remember to cap the nail edge for each layer to get a long lasting manicure.
Do not cure the gel too long or too short.(It is normal for a base coat and color gel keep stick after curing.)
If there is gel on the skin , please clean it before curing.
Practice makes better, practice makes perfect.

How to apply the gel?

Trim nail surface, prep and push back cuticles, clean and dry your nails.
Rub the bottle between your hands. (important)
Apply Base coat thinly, and cure under UV lamp for 60s, LED light for 30s. Apply another base coat if need. (It is normal for a base coat keep stick after curing.)
Apply gel polish in a thin application. Cure under UV lamp for 120s, LED light for 30s. Repeat step to get the color effect you want.
Apply Top coat and cure under UV lamp for 1 minute, LED light for 30 seconds.

How to remove the gel?

Wear off and rasp away the top coat.(Important)
Soak off the nails into gel polish remover wraps pads for about 5 minutes.(More convenient than gel polish remover liquid.)
Rip down the whole pieces of nail enamel gently on each nail.
Apply some nail cuticle oil if necessary.

★ IDEAL GIFT FOR HER: Brilliant gifts for a family member or friend for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or other holidays. This is a fantastic, beautiful, unique beauty gift gift set that will be loved by all who receive it.
★ HEALTHY & EASY APPLICATION: The series of nude pink gray red glitter gel nail polish kit made with Toxin-Free Ingredient which makes it safe and has low odor. With a proper application, 2 WEEKS+ wearing is attainable.
★ SOAK OFF LED NAIL DRYER GEL NAIL POLISH: Modelones gel nail polish kit with gray, red, hot pink, yellow, orange, green, turquoise, baby blue, purple, silver glitter nude pink gel polish set need to be cured under LED nail lamp. Gel Top coat and base coat required. Average for LED Nail Lamp 60-120 secs.
★ WARNING: May cause an allergic reaction by skin contact. Read directions for use carefully. Only used for nail. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin. Rinse them immediately should the product comes into contact with them. If there is any incident, contact the doctor immediately. Stop using the product if redness and itching develop. If symptom persists, consult a doctor. Keep out of the reach of children.