EdenRays Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit, Includes 6 Acrylic Powder Pots, Base Coat, Activator, and Top Coat

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The solution to plain, brittle nails

With the EdenRays Nail Dipping Powder Kit you can forgo pricey and inconvenient salon visits while still sporting sleek, shiny nails. This 16-piece acrylic nail set includes 6 nail powder pigments; base coat; activator; top coat; brush saver; nail dust brush; nail file; 2 replacement brushes; travel bag; and an easy-to-follow user manual that walks you through the steps for attaining a glossy and gleaming manicure.

Healthier nail care

Unlike gel manicures that weaken the nails and make them susceptible to splitting and discoloration, the EdenRays Acrylic Nail Dipping Powder Kit fortifies your nails. There is absolutely no UV curing involved so your nails will not become dry and damaged. When used as directed with our base coat, activator and top coat, your nails will be stronger and resistant to the chipping and peeling associated with traditional nail polish sets. Enjoy all your favorite activities without chunking-out your polish or experiencing uncomfortable nail bed irritation.

Beautify your nails like a pro

With a nail dust brush and nail brushes to apply base, activator and top coats with precision, you can give yourself smooth and shiny nails in less time than it takes to make dinner. This portable acrylic nail dipping powder kit can go with you for business and leisure travel as well, ensuring that you always have a well-groomed and picture-perfect appearance for clients or that special someone.

For salon-style nails in the comfort of home, add an EdenRays Dipping Powder Start Kit for beginners to your nail accessories today.

16-PIECE SET includes everything you need for a salon-quality manicure in the comfort and convenience of your home. You will receive 6 dip powders (0.35 oz each); activator, base and top gels (0.34 oz each); brush saver formula (0.34 oz); nail dust brush; nail file; 2 replacement brushes; travel bag; and a comprehensive user manual for achieving flawlessly beautiful nails.
ZERO CURING SYSTEM is faster and more comfortable than gel nail polishes. Our acrylic nail powder and liquid set makes it easy to sport sleek, shiny nails on a moment’s notice. Our nail dip powders also are easier to remove. Change your look from day to day to accommodate your wardrobe or a special occasion without drying-out and damaging your nails.
LONG-LASTING AND CHIP-RESISTANT when used with EdenRays Base and Top Gel coatings, our dip powder acrylic nail kit creates an extra layer of protection to brittle nails. Your natural nails are free to grow without fear of splitting, breaking or peeling. Your EdenRay dipped nails will feel smooth, have a high gloss and shine, and look fresh for a longer time.
TRAVEL-FRIENDLY dip powder starter kit goes with you on business trips and vacation in its included zipper cosmetic bag. Ensure that your nails are on-point and ready to impress clients or that special someone. Take your EdenRays Dipping Powder Kit with you for a girls’ night-in and treat all your friends to professional-grade manicures that will turn heads.