Cuticle Oil Pen for Nail – Lagunamoon Nail oil for Nail Care & Nail Growth – Nourish, Soothe & Moisturize Damaged Nails – Rose, 5 ml



Product Description

cuticle oilcuticle oil

cuticle oil pencuticle oil pen

Cuticle Oil Pen for Nails, Repair Damaged Nails & Help Nail Growth

Cuticle oils deliver vitamins and nourishment and the cream will lock moisture.

Moisture loss is a common symptom of gel nail damage.

Ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter help soothe nails and are gentle enough to be applied multiple times daily or overnight.

All natural ingredients

cuticle oil for gel nails

cuticle oil for gel nails

cuticle oil pen for nails

cuticle oil pen for nails

cuticle oil pens

cuticle oil pens

nail cuticle oil

nail cuticle oil

Shea Butter

Enriched with unsaturated fatty acids which help effectively hydrate and soften the skin.

Vitamin E

Gives the nails a healthy glow.

Sweet Almond Oil

Keeps the skin hydrated and looks fresh


Deeply moisturizes dry skin

Jojoba Oil

Stimulates collagen production and greatly nourishes the skin around nails.


Improves skin elasticity.

Rose Flower Oil

Moisturizes and soothes dry skin


Restores a natural glow to the nails

nail oil cuticlenail oil cuticle

cuticle oil for nailcuticle oil for nail

Notice: It will take more time to twist cuticle oil for first use, but the effort is worth it when you have a twist-out that lasts

Cuticle Oil for Acrylic Nails – Wearing acrylics for several weeks can seriously dry out nails,Lagunamoon cuticle cream is design for the nails which are brittle and susceptible to breaks after removal.
Lagunamoon Rose Cuticle Oil Pen – Our nail oil is a combination of natural ingredients to restore moisture while also promoting nail strength.
Cuticle Oil for Nail Growth – Cuticle oil is an essential part of healthy nail growth and can stimulate nail growth and heal any damage to the cuticle.
All Natural Cuticle Softener – Rose flower oil, honey, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, milk.