Cosyonall Electric Nail Drill Kit Cordless Home System Set, Salon-Quality 7 Piece Attachments, Buff Smooth and Remove Cuticles & Callus, Professional Manicure & Pedicure



Product Description


Warm Tips:

When filing, always work from the outside of the nail towards the tip!

This instrument is intended only for the treatment of hands (manicure) & feet (pedicure).

Select an attachment and push it onto the instrument spindle using a slight pressure.

To remove: pull the attachment and instrument apart in the axial direction (straight).

Start every application at low speed and increase it only as required.

Do not exert heavy pressure and always guide the attachments carefully over the surface to be treated.

Note that the cutting attachments will have a reduced effect if the skin is softened or moist.


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Low Noise and Low Heat

Don’t want to draw attention when you’re polishing your nails? This nail drill is perfect for you.The nail bit produce almost no noise when rotating.

Portable to use

This electric nail drill is 16 * 4 * 3.5cm. Easy to carry. The light body and built-in battery can ensure that the machine will be easy to carry.

Easy to Operate

Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation is flexible for different angle uses.


You can plug this electric nail drill to any USB outlet, like power bank, laptop. Convenient to use.

Upgraded DC voltage, which can ensure the nai drill works smoother and for a long usinig life.

NOTE: power bank, power adapter is not included.


Sapphire wheels

Fine sapphire shaping disc – Lime nails with precision and safety.

Raw Sapphire Shaping Disc – Easily cuts thick nails.


Sapphire Mills

Cylindrical milling cutter – Grinds and smooths the surfaces of dried nails.

Flame cutter – Removes cuticles and ingrown toenails.


Sapphire Calus Sander

Eliminates thick calluses and large hairs on the sole and heel


Felt Polishing Cones

Smooth and polish the nails after filing













Shape your nail

Choose the sapphire disc that suits the thickness of the nail.
For smaller and thinner nails, use the thin sapphire disc.
For thicker nails, use the coarse sapphire disc.

File your nails

The flame cutter is perfect for nails and thicker nails
The cylindrical cutter cuts the rough edges around the nails and removes dry skin.
It can also be used to treat ingrown toenails and other nail problems.

Remove the hard skin

Use the sapphire cone to remove rough, dry skin around the nail and soften the calluses.
Treat the hard skin of the heels and soles with the hard skin remover.


Once the image is finished, lightly polish the surface of the nail with the felt cone to soften the edges and add shine.


❤ Adjustable Speed & Rotation: 3 Adjustable Speed to control rotations per minute: 3,000 – 4,200 +/- 20% rpm. Built-In lithium-ion Battery with Powerful motor for easy and effective use on finger and toe nails. Clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation is flexible for different angle uses.
❤ USB Wireless Portable & Salon Design: The powerful and durable USB Charging can make beginner or manicurist to file the nail with adjustable RPM and remove the gel quickly, greatly and clearly. The light body and built-in battery can ensure that the machine will be easy to carry.
❤ Easy to Use: Ergonomic and compact design make it easy to hold and operate. Powerful nail drill for easy & effective use on fingernails & toenails. Achieve professional nail and foot care at home.
❤ What You Get: Cosyonall Manicure & Pedicure Kit, 7 attachments, USB cable, instruction manual, 90-day money back with friendly customer service. May you are always pretty.