Coffin Nails Fake Nails with Glue – 500pcs False Nails Kit Clear Acrylic Nail Tips Full Cover Press on Long Ballerina Shape Artificial Nails with Case by Tecanne (10 Sizes)



đź’…Varied Sizes, Clear Caseđź’… Tecanne 500 pcs clear coffin nails offers 10 different sizes, 50 nails of each size, it’s convenient to choose the most suitable size that fits your every finger.
đź’…4PCS Fake Nail Gluesđź’… Tecanne nail glues is fast drying, quick bonding, adhesive perfect, can last for 2 weeks, great for sticking false nails and small nail art decorations. Made of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, natural resin, slight oder, no harm to natural nails.
đź’…High Quality ABS Materialđź’… Tecanne Fake nails are made from high quality ABS material which is green friendly environmental material. No toxic, No smell, No harm to your nails and makes the nail durable & natural.
đź’…Coffin Design & Simple Operationđź’… Tecanne coffin nails is known as ballerina nails, the average square end design makes your nail looked more natural. Tecanne full cover artificial press on nails are easy to trim, paint, apply and hold the color without separating or streaking.