Biotin, Keratin & Collagen Pills – Marine Collagen & Biotin Vitamins for Hair, Skin, and Nails – Made in The USA – Collagen Peptides, Keratin & Biotin Supplement for Nail & Hair Growth




Wellabs has created the most powerful dietary supplement to enhance and boost your beauty, improve the appearance of the skin, and provide faster hair and nail growth. Our powerful beauty complex contains multivitamins, essential nutrients, and health-boosting elements promoting better absorption and bioavailability for quicker results.


Maintain better health
Boost beauty inside out
Promote faster hair and nail growth
Support skin health


Plant-based & clinically-proven ingredients
Advanced BioAvailability
Maximum potency formula
Non-GMO, no artificial colors and fragrances
Doesn’t contain corn syrup

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SKIN, NAILS & HAIR VITAMINS – Wellabs Biotin with Keratin & Collagen capsules improve overall health, enhancing the tissues with vital building blocks. Our biotin pills assist in preventing hair loss and improving its appearance. The multi collagen in our beauty supplement promotes glowing skin and healthy nails.
COLLAGEN PEPTIDES PROTEIN – Wellabs hair vitamins for women and men are made of only premium and pure ingredients. Our multi collagen & keratin capsules are easy-to-take and don’t contain any GMOs, Artificial Colors, Gluten, and Corn Syrup. Only natural sources and clinically proven formula for your health and beauty!
BIOTIN & COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS – Wellabs stands for the highest quality of every product we sell. Our biotin, collagen, and keratin capsules are formulated by American scientists in collaboration with healthcare experts. We proudly make every bottle of our dietary supplements in the USA with advanced technology to ensure the best quality and purity.
TRUSTED BY THOUSANDS – We highly appreciate your trust and love for our brand. We are sure that our dietary supplement is the most beneficial option for you, owing to its top-grade quality and natural ingredients, but if we fall short of your expectations – simply contact us, and we will improve your experience ASAP.