Biotin Keratin & Collagen Capsules – Made in USA – Natural Marine Collagen, Keratin & Biotin for Hair Growth – Biotin & Collagen Vitamins with Multi Collagen Peptides for Hair Loss, Skin & Nails



At OrionPhatma, our main goal is to bring you the healthiest and purest dietary supplement possible. Our unique beauty vitamins are made with a perfectly balanced concentration of vital nutrients for enhanced absorption. It provides both health and beauty benefits, like improving your overall wellbeing, supporting hair, nails, and skin health.


Overall wellbeing boost
Skin rejuvenation
Joints health support
Fast hair and nail growth


Only premium natural ingredients
Safe and effective supplement
Non-GMO, no artificial additives
Free from gluten, soy, wheat
Proper absorption and better bioavailability

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BEST HAIR GROWTH VITAMINS – OrionPharma hair vitamins help to strengthen hair, promote its faster growth, and prevent hair loss. While hydrolyzed collagen peptides nourish hair structure, biotin and keratin improve its appearance providing extra shine. Get perfect hair without split ends and dandruff!
COLLAGEN FOR WOMEN & MEN – OrionPharma keratin, biotin, and collagen vitamins are perfect for men and women of all ages. Our powerful beauty blend helps to restore younger-looking appearance, eliminating wrinkles & fine lines. It also helps to maintain bone, joint, teeth, and nail health.
KERATIN & COLLAGEN COMPLEX – OrionPharma produces only premium supplements using fresh and pure ingredients that are free from hormones, GMOs, gluten, wheat, soy, and artificial additives. Our products are made in the USA under strict manufacturing control to ensure the highest quality possible.
YOUR EXPERIENCE MATTERS – We are proud of the quality and purity of every biotin, collagen, and keratin supplement we sell. But if we fell short on your expectations, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible and do our best to make things right. OrionPharma cares!