AUTENPOO Nail Drill, Electric Nail File for Acrylic Nails, Acrylic Nail Drill with Acrylic Nail Kit, Efile Nail Drill for Nail Polish, with Nail File Brush Clipper Set (purple)



Product Description


nail drillnail drill

nail drills for acrylic nails

nail drills for acrylic nails

acrylic nail kit

acrylic nail kit

acrylic nail drill

acrylic nail drill

Space Saving Design

It’s especially convenient for home use or on a trip. Small design can be put into your bag or pocket, very convenient.

The New Upgrade

The nail drill will automatically shut off when you pinch the bit, and will continue working when you remove it.

Low Noise/ Fast & Convenient

Polish and file with a nail drill, faster than a nail file, and less nail damage. There will not be too much noise during using.

Aluminum alloy and adapter can maintain working efficiency, improve heat dissipation efficiency.

efile drillefile drill

nail drillnail drill

professional nail drillprofessional nail drill


Professional Nail Drill Set

A professional nail drill set included 1 electric nail drill, 11 grinding head(5 quartz grinding heads, 6 metal grinding heads,) 1 nail art brush, 16 sanding bands, 1 adapter, 1 product manual, 4 nail separators( gift ), 2 glass files( gift ), 7 nail clippers set( gift ).

How to use the bits

Thin needle bit:Filing away residual cured gel or cuticles in hard to reach areas.

Nib bit:For polish the edges of the nails.

Think needle bit:Filing away residual cured gel or cuticles in hard to reach areas.

Small barrel bit:For surface work.

Large barrel bit:For surface work and shortening.

Mandrel:Need to be used together with sanding bands, for polish the nail surface or poly gel.

Quartz Grinding Bits

Disc grinding:Grind nails and exfoliate, polish after clipping to make manicured nails smoother.

Tip shape sand grinding:Polish the nail surface and clean nails surface debris.

Nail surface grinding:Smooth and polish surface.

Small conical bit:Reach tight areas such as sidewalls and cuticles.

Metal polishing:Remove cuticles, thick dead skin, keep skin clean.

Product Specifications

No-load speed: 18000-20000RPM

Loads rotation rates: 16000-17500RPM

Handpiece Length: 5.1inch

Handpiece Weight: 141g

Power supply: Adapter charging

electric nail fileelectric nail file

How to use the nail drill?

First, select the drill bit you want to use and install the grinding bit.
Second, connect the power supply and connect the other end of the plug to the nail drill.
Finally, select the speed and turn on the switch.
Enjoy doing your nails.

🌹 😍 Adjustable Speed and Direction: The nail drill is designed with Speed control button to adjust the speed 0-20,000 RPM. And the design of nail drill for acrylic nails with Forward and Reverse rotation directions are suitable for any right-handed or left-handed use. It makes this electric nail file easier to smooth your nails.
🌹 😍 Portable and Light: The polygel nail kit has exclusively compact and lightweight design which makes the nail drill machine is easy to carry and portable to bring out. The nail polish kit is designed with premium aluminum body that offer high efficiency heat dissipation for you, which extends the service life. Small Tip: Please don’t rotate to open the drill body, which will damage the electric machinery.
🌹 😍 Newest Design Upgrade: The nail drill is designed with Standard Adapter interface and the latest color matching design, you can plug in wherever you want. The internal components of nail drill are upgraded for stable quality and Anti-falls the nature.
🌹 😍 Meet All Salon-at Home Needs: The acrylic nail kit is used for removing nail polish, carving, polishing, shaping, engraving, cutting, mold grinding, sharpening, sanding, cleaning calluses, and the nail kits is even perfect for pet nail sanding!