AILLSA 24 Pcs Gel Nail Polish Set, Black White Gold Silver Nail Polish Gel Kit with No Wipe Glossy & Matte Top and Base Coat, Pink Blue Orange UV Soak Off Gel Polish Pastel Bright Colors Kit



19 x Mini Gel Polish Colors (5ml/0.17fl.Oz)
1 X Gel Base Coat (8ml/0.27fl.Oz)
1 X No Wipe High Gloss Clear Gel Top Coat (8ml each/0.27fl.Oz)
1 X Matte Gel Top Coat (8ml each/0.27fl.Oz)
1 X Liquid Latex for nails (8ml each/0.27fl.Oz)
1 X Nail Strengthener (8ml each/0.27fl.Oz)( 8ml each bottle)
1 X 12 Color Holographic Butterfly Nail Glitter Sequins for Nail Art Decoration and Pick Up Tweezer
1. PREP: Trim, file and buff nails for a clean and dry surface.
– Be especially careful to not over buff the tips. Over-buffing can also damage your natural nails and make them weaker, so don’t over buff.
2. APPLY BASE COAT AND CURE: Apply a very thin layer of your base coat to your nails. Cure under UV/LED lamp for 60-90 seconds.
3. APPLY THE COLOR AND CURE: 2 layers of the color gel for dark, 3 nail polish layers for light. After prepping your nails and making sure your base coat is dry, apply an extremely thin layer of your gel color nail polish. Cure each layer under LED lamp for 90-120 seconds.
4. APPLY GEL TOP COAT AND CURE: Coat your nails completely in your top gel. Paint over the tip, like you did with your color gel. Once again, cure the gel polish under UV/LED lamp for 90-120 seconds.
1. File your nails: Lightly buff off the shine from the top of nails using a nail buffer.
2. Soak the cotton balls: Soak a cotton ball or pad with nail gel remover and place on top of each nail.
3. Wrap the nail with aluminum foil or any nail wrap to secure and allow the remover to soak.
4. Soak for a minimum of 15 minutes.
5. Remove cotton and foils one at a time and gently push off gel using a removal wand. Gel should come off easily without much effort. If necessary, re-saturate cotton and rewrap finger and soak for 5 more minutes.
6. Lightly buff nails again once all gel is removed.
7. Hydrate your nails.

DIY Nail Beauty at Home: AILLSA beautiful and vibrant nail gel polishes is combined with coral color, light pink, baby pink, baby blue, teal blue, sky blue, yellow, neon orange, red, fuchsia color, white, black, dark blue, dark purple, Christmas green, burgundy, silver, gold. Our color range will match any outfit you style your nails with!
Soak off LED Nail Dryer Gel Nail Polish: The dark blue purple burgundy gel nail polish kit need to be cured under LED/UV light. Average for LED light 60-120 secs, UV light 2-4 mins. With proper application and good tenacity, last at least 2 or 3 weeks.
Healthy Care: Environment-friendly with healthy ingredients-natural resin, low smell, non-toxic, SGS certified. Suitable for all daily working, dating, holiday or special festivals, such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day gift.
WARM TIPS & 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Skin Test before using is necessary. Please stop using immediately once allergies appear! If you are not delighted with this gel nail polish set, return it for a 100% refund of your purchase price – no questions asked.