5 Box 11440pcs Nails Rhinestones and 36 Pots Foils Flakes, Teenitor Professional Nail Decoration with Gems for Nails Stud Foil for Nails Art

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Product Description

Nail Art Decoration Art Decoration Gems

Clear rhinestones: made of good quality resin, the clear flat back rhinestones have 3 different sizes, 1200 pieces in 1 mm, 600 pieces in 2 mm, 500 pieces in 3mm, different sizes for your nail art

12 Color 3mm Nail Art Rhinestone: 3000 pieces in 3mm in 12 colors, very shining and delicately made, making your nail look more charming

12 Color 5mm Nail Gems: 3000 pieces in 5mm in 12 colors, glittering and shining; They are flat back and well made, easy to decorate your nails

12 Color the horse eye rhinestones: The horse eye rhinestones have 12 rainbow colors, glittering and shining, they are nice cutting and smooth surface, easy to decorate your nails and stay on your nail for long

Rivet rhinestones Silver/Gold Rivet rhinestones: 600 pieces in 2 colors in 12 different shapes such as heart, circle, horse eye, square, rectangle, triangle and so on

Package Contents: 5 Boxes 3D Nail Art Decoration (5 Patterns) AND 3 Box Foil Chips((3 Patterns)

Nail Art Paillette Foil Sequins

Plenty of beautiful color choices: totally 22 different colors of nail art glitter sequins. including 12 boxes irregular candy colors flakes in 12 colors; 12 boxes paillette foil sticker in 4 colors; 12 boxes glitter paillette foil sticker in 6 colors. As picture shows

The nail art decoration set material is safe, non-toxic,harmless to your nails, Suitable for professional use or home use. Perfect for your party or fashionable look, Use with Normal Nail Polish, acrylic nails

How to use

Step 1.Prepare your nails with BASE COAT and cure it under UV/LED lamp.

Step 2.Apply COLOR POLISH.(DO NOT cure!)

Step 3. Press the tin nail art foils into chip or powder (ONLY the nail art foils needs this step, candy color flakes jump over this step)

Step 4.Use tweezer to apply the pailette onto your nails. A toothpick with a moistened end also work.

Step 5..Cure it under UV/LED lamp.

Step 6.Seal it with TOP COAT and cure it under UV/LED lamp.

Nail Art Decoration Art Decoration Gems: These tons of nail gems and nail stones provide a good selection from shapes to colors and sizes. All the nail rhinestones are gem-brilliant, pretty and sparkly, the shapes are as well as sleek and adorable. There’s enough variety in the boxes to get a multitude of possible designs
Nail Art Glitter Sequins: Totally 22 different colors, beautiful color choices of foil, Comes in 36 little clear containers, don’t worry about that it would spill out easy to apply ; Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails. You can settle right where you want it. Apply the foil or candy colors flakes on the wet nail coat and then apply the top coat on your nail to seal it, great for nail artists and for starting up things like resin crafting
Wide Applications: The nail art decoration set not only can be applied to natural or art nails, but also suitable for resin crafting, DIY craft, cell phone case, glasses, card making, eyes body art etc.
Warm Tips: The nail studs needs nail glue to stick and the foil can be apply on the wet top coat, then apply another coat to seal it on (The foil is very thin so have to be careful when handling it)