100% Kolinsky Nail Brush, iBealous Acrylic Sable Nail Art With Liquid Glitter Handle Professional Application Drawing (Size 8)



iBealous Kolinsky Sable Nail Brush
Great for professional nail salons and DIY nail art at home.

Pen Body Material: Copper, acrylic plastic.
Application: Suitable for home use and professional nail salon; gel polish nail art; making dots; fine drawing; painting flowers and pattern design on fingernails.

Warm Tips
1. Please wash it with pen-washing water as soon as possible after use, otherwise the bristles will become hard. Do not rub back and forth vigorously when washing.
2. Do not wash with nail polish remover or acetone solution, otherwise it will damage the bristles quality.
3. Please avoid direct sunlight, let it air dry after washing.
4. If the bristles are slightly bifurcated, you can wash them with warm water after cleaning, and then use a paper towel to absorb the excess water and air dry.

iBealous provide you with one-year product quality assurance and 30 days no reason to return. If you have any problems during the use, please contact our after-sales email address, we will reply and solve your problem within 24 hours.

💜QUALITY KOLINSKY HAIR MATERIAL: Made of high-quality Kolinsky hair, compared with ordinary nylon nail brushes, more flexible and softer with a better power absorption and good ductility and better coloring. Nail your style, stylish and charming!
💜BEFORE FIRST USING: This brush is a size 8 round, a special solution was applied on the brush. Please Clean brush with Brush Cleaner before use. Brush Care & Tips: Proper use, together with correct care and cleaning will ensure your brushes have longer life.
💜THE MOST STANDARD WAY TO USE A ACRYLIC BRUSH (must): AFTER EVERY APPLICATION ON EVERY SINGLE NAILS, make sure to clean the brush with brush cleaner / liquid monomer for preventing the acrylic powder on the brush from clumping. Or it will be hard to clean because acrylic powder quickly clumps in a short time.
💜MUST-DO WAYS OF STORAGE: 【WASHING】- Always clean a good quality brush thoroughly after each processing session with brush cleaner / liquid monomer DO NOT USE ACETONE which will remove the shine from bristle make acrylic tacky and buildup residue. 【SHAPE】- Remove as much moisture as possible with paper towel, reshape and whenever possible, in the upright position. 【AIR & SUNLIGHT】- Always Keep brushes out of direct sunlight & aired.